George Michael’s partner ‘gotta have more than “Faith”‘ to inherit from the superstar.

At only 53 years old, it is hard to believe that superstar and former Wham! Frontman, George Michael, tragically died of natural causes on Christmas Day in 2016.  He was found by, Fadi Fawaz, rumored to be his partner, who is now seemingly going to be kicked out of the star’s home.  The singer of such hits as “Careless Whisper”, “Father Figure” and “Faith” was found passed away in bed by Fawaz that morning.  Fawaz has now been summarily cut-off from the singer’s over 100-million-dollar estate.  Read More

Who will look after your children?

According to a recent New York Times article, fewer than half of American adults (42 percent) have a will.  This figure was quoted according to a recent survey published on, a website that offers resources for older Americans and their caregivers. The most common excuse given for not having a will  was, “I just… Read More

Superstar Prince- Super Battle over his Estate

A Minnesota Judge rules that six siblings are the heirs to Prince’s Fortune The music superstar Prince did not have a will!  A judge just ruled that his six siblings are heirs to his fortune, but many more people are claiming to be heirs to the legend’s over 25 million-dollar estate.  Prince’s assets will not… Read More