What am I forgetting?

So much is being said in the news about dementia that I thought we should discuss why being occasionally forgetful is not such a concern.  To the contrary, our memory may not always be so important.  A recent article explains how forgetting is actually useful.  By forgetting information that is stale, we are enabling ourselves… Read More

So, You’ve Been Appointed Trustee of a Trust? Here Are 9 Do’s and 1 Don’t

Whether it’s an honor or a burden (or both), you have been appointed trustee of a trust. What responsibilities have been thrust upon you? How can you successfully carry them out?

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What exactly is a Personal Representative or an Executor?

Many clients ask me what will be required of their “Personal Representative” or “Executor” when they pass away; and are concerned about their family members being required to undertake such a responsibility.   Here is some information to pass along to their family and to hopefully shed light on the duties required by the position. A… Read More

Congrats! Your child is accepted to college… now what?

Preparing to send your son or daughter to college is one of the most exciting, and nerve-wrecking times for a parent! You’ll worry whether they will eat properly, study enough, and get enough sleep. While you can’t help these everyday concerns, you can prepare for the big ones: if your son or daughter has a… Read More

Have a Happy New Year: Five Resolutions for a Stress-Free 2018

Estate planning can be an unsettling process for many people.  An estate plan is the strategy you develop at any age, for your life and future, to provide yourself and your family peace of mind, so you can enjoy the years to come worry free. There are a few things that you MUST do to put… Read More

Wealth vs. Health

I came across this great article in Forbes’ Wells Fargo Voice from last month written by Alice Lesch Kelly that I want to share:  Wealth Vs. Health: Take A Balanced Approach: Go to: Forbes for original post (mostly reproduced here).  We all need balance in our lives and this article provides some great strategies for… Read More

How Will You Know if Your College- Aged Child is Hurt? HIPAA Laws May Mean You Won’t.

A Little Peace of Mind Goes a Long Way. You’ve tried to prepare them in every way you can for college, but how can you make sure your children will be protected when you’re not around? Are they prepared for a medical emergency? It’s hard to believe, but privacy laws can prevent doctors from discussing… Read More