Personal Injury

As an experienced personal injury law firm, we have worked with clients who have suffered a physical or emotional injury, usually by accident or mistake.  We know how the insurance claim process works, what evidence is needed and how to best present your claim for damages.crash

We usually take your cases on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid, when you get paid.  Our fees are usually limited to an agreed-upon percentage of the payment you receive.  If you don’t recover any money, we don’t get paid.

What information do I need?

Make sure to keep track of your medical treatment and keep a detailed account of the treatments or medications you receive. Also, request copies of all medical reports and bills as these help you prove your medical expenses later.

Keep a record of how your injuries have impacted your daily life. Include any missed workdays, list any routine activities you can’t undertake, and describe how the injuries have affected your family life.

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